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Here’s a fun fact. YouTube was created when one founder, Jawed Karim, unsuccessfully searched for footage of Janet Jackson’s now famous “wardrobe malfunction, and when he and his two friends Chad Hurley and Steven Chen realized they could not share videos through email because of attachment limitations. The three realized the missing link for sharing and sending videos, and YouTube was born.

YouTube isn’t just a video platform, it is also a social network. Because of YouTube’s easy to use format, messages are spread quickly and efficiently across a variety of mediums including Facebook and Twitter, embedded in websites, and via email. You can easily add a YouTube video to your website and the end user does not need any special viewer like Windows Media Player or Quick Time to view it.

400 tweets per minute contain a YouTube video, and YouTube’s search bar is the number two search bar on the Internet, second only to Google. Collectively we spend 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in one month. So, if you’re using social media for marketing, YouTube has the potential to be an important part of your overall strategy.

So what’s a marketer to do if you want to make use of the medium, but don’t have a media department or the first idea of how to make videos? You might not have access to Steven Spielberg, or even Ken Burns, but you can still use YouTube to highlight and reinforce your message and to create dialoge around your content.

YouTube allows customization of your channel to compliment your branding, as well as to highlight the content you want center stage. You can set which video displays first and how your playlists and content are displayed. By signing up for YouTube, you automatically have a channel – that’s how YouTube works. Customize your channel to and add a description of its contents.

You can use YouTube to curate content from other channels without uploading a single original video. Use keyword searches to search by category, duration, upload date, features and more, and choose a few videos to add to your channel to get started. Create a favorite list or a playlist, and then use the playlist settings to arrange the videos and choose which lists you want displayed. The beauty of these playlists is that the list itself can be embedded into your blog or your website so that when a video is added it is automatically updated on your website. To get the embed code, open your playlist and choose edit My Playlist, and then click on the share tab. The embed code is displayed there and can be dropped into your existing website or blog.
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YouTube averages close to four billion views per day worldwide, making it the most watched video site in the history of time via the Internet. As a result, businesses all over the globe have taken to YouTube in order to promote their services.

In fact, at least 70% of businesses use videos to market and gain exposure, according to a 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarks report.

Furthermore, videos have shown to be five times more productive in reaching new customers than content alone. A whopping 90% of customers will make their purchasing decisions after viewing a video online.

Backed by Google, the Internet’s most popular search engine, YouTube offers an array of ways in which you can grow your local business. All it takes is a bit of consistency, effort, and time.

Over the past several years, millions of people have found an array of businesses by simply watching YouTube videos. Regardless of what your business is or how big or small, online videos have proven to be a successful marketing method for many companies.

Small businesses typically don’t have the budget for high-profile advertising, which is why social networking sites such as YouTube are extremely beneficial. Best of all, aside from optional advertising that works well with small business budgets, using YouTube is free for everyone.